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Rene Magritte’s Son of Man — an appropriation

Even to the point of deciding whether masks are needed to control a pandemic, the world remains divided. Following Asian countries, more countries are changing its position in the use of masks given the growing number of locally transmitted and unliked cases. It is a strategy that may be needed in the current context, where contact tracing for linked clusters are no longer sustainable, no matter how small the cluster is. Should other nations try to adapt the same contact tracing approach as Asian countries are currently doing, the bus has already left the stop.

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Credits: TechCrunch

At the recent Facebook F8 Developer Conference, one of the most sought after conferences to attend for technologists, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed everyone’s wild speculations about what the social media giant was up to. His latest pursuit became crystal clear after the job postings on Machine Learning and AI were misleading people to believe that the company might simply be ramping their efforts in developing a better news feed experience or compete with Snapchat’s filters. But it wasn’t until job postings started sounding odd that people began to doubt whether Facebook was still a social networking company. Applicants were strangely hired…

Hitching a ride at the back of a pickup truck, renting a helicopter and crossing perilous waters under the heat of 98 degrees weather in Kampala, Uganda were just some of the normal things that coffee magnate and adventurer Todd Carmichael does to harvest coffee beans. These weren’t just any coffee beans. These were supposedly the best coffee beans one can find in the world.

But this was Uganda. Its violent and bloody past has made the locals distrustful of outsiders whose intentions might do more harm than bring awareness to the living conditions. The founder of La Colombe Coffee…

If over-the-top (OTT) messaging services proliferated the year 2014, the likes of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime invaded 2015, becoming an obvious threat to the once flourishing TV industry. Reporting another 3.3 million subscribers this July 2015, Netflix successfully changed the mechanics of the television game, even going as far as bypassing pilot season requirements for the Primetime Emmy Award nominated drama series House of Cards.

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In a report by Business Insider, a significant 40% of Time Warner and Comcast subscribers cut cords after four months of subscribing to Dish Network’s Sling TV, a TV-on-the-internet bundled service offering an affordable…

As you step out of the JR Shinjuku station, Tokyo’s busiest ward can easily overwhelm you. Shinjuku houses the busiest railway station in the world, as it is home to several government offices including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and conglomerates such as NTT Docomo. The ward’s personality paints a case of schizophrenia, serious by day, colorful and mysterious at night. How do you unravel the eccentricities of Shinjuku without getting lost?

Tokyo Bike Tour

Albeit a busy district, Shinjuku seems to have more bicycle riders than other wards. Under the summer heat, drizzling rains or misty Hanami season, there’s…

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Cuadril / Picana

I gingerly sliced against the blood red fibers of Cuadril, the rarest meat I’ve had, the texture chewy and the meat flavor intense. “Known as Picana in Buenos Aires, this meat is the Pope’s favorite,” the owner of the Argentinian parilla La Cabrera in Manila shared the story of the third piece of steak in the degustacion. La Cabrera holds the 17th spot in San Pellegrino’s list of 50 Best Latin American Restaurants in the World. …

The sizzling heat of the August sun crept the ground as I padded my way towards the intersecting pedestrian crossings connecting Tokyu Plaza and Cerulean Tokyu Tower Hotel in Sakuragaoka-cho. To my left, a neat sushi bar was getting ready for its first customer. If only the pavement could drink, it could use an icy Sapporo beer or two. Around me, Tokyo-ites hurried towards their important destinations. Men’s white short sleeve shirts and black pants hugged their skin as their sweat trickles down. Women’s hats, a practical fashion accessory at this time, can only do so much. This was summer…

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